BloodyARK Support

Discord Support

Contact Us via discord and open a ticket to get one of our staff members to reach out.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get Support?

In order to create a ticket, join our discord server go to #contact-support channel and react to the envelope emoji to open a ticket. A conversation will be opened between you and the admin team. Please do not contact members of the admin team directly.

When is the next server wipe?

There are no fixed dates for a server wipe. This depends mostly on server population. A season usually takes 1 or 1.5-months.

Why does it take so long to get an answer on a ticket?

Our team is doing its best to provide quick support. But we all have jobs and families aswell and are doing our support work in our freetime. We also don’t work with “first come first serve”. We have a priority system for our tickets so topics that need immediate support will be worked on first.
- DM’ing any Admin about a Ticket won’t get you faster support.
- Tagging Admins in discord won’t get you faster support.
- Donations won’t get you faster support.

I got banned, what can I do?

If you got banned you can open a ticket on our support page. Sometimes when a player can’t be reached via ingame chat or discord we will issue a temporary ban to get their attention.