Base Settings

Tribe Limit - 6
Tribe Slot Cooldown 5h
Resource Stack - 2500/1000
Ammunition Stack - x100
Local Turret Limit - 100
Turret Damage - x1
Max Player Level - 205
Player Speed Cap - 181
Player HP Cap - 800
Player Weight Cap - 1000
Wild Max Dino Level - 150
Wild Tek Max Dino Level - 180
Max Tamed XP reduced to 75%
Tamed Dino Limit - 1000
Limit Cliff Plattforms to 2 instead of 3
Custom Imprints - every 30 minutes
Nanny Imprint to 100%
Press "P Key" to toggle on/off your Tribemate's
Press F2 to open the website
Removed Stun Effect from TekBow
Removed Shocking Darts Stun Effect when shot at players
Added S+ Replicator engram to S+ Fabricator
Disable Nets on Player Character (Exclude Genesis 2)
Removed the visual flashbang from Plant Z when used against a player
Tek Bow - 250% capped
Weapon Cap - 298%
Saddle Armor Clamp - 124% / 99.2%
Tropeognathus BP Clamp - 300% Armor / 300% Weapon
Alliance disabled
Unlimited Mindwipe
Tek Turret HP 4500
Disabled Element Dust from Tek Creatures
Flamethrower tick nerf 50%
S+ Tek Elevator cost 1/4 of regular cost
TribeLogRelay enabled for Solo-Squad Tribes
Durability icon added to all Blueprints and Armour pieces
Rar Dinos spawn every 4 hours


  • Buffed Lava Golem Loot 2x
  • Added Flak and Riot Armor in loot pool
  • Changed Lava Golem to only allow Velonasaur in the cave
  • Reduce Lava Golem respawn cooldown to 30 minutes
  • Removing all wild creatures inside Jungle Dungon
  • Custom Boss Arena

The Center

  • Added Giga/Charcha spawns lvl 130+

Genesis 1

  • Removed Drones and Enforcers from in Lunar Biome
  • Paracer can no longer be knocked back in Lunar Biome
  • Disable Mining Drill element shards farming

Genesis 2

  • World Buff disabled
  • Reduced the Asteroid density in Genesis 2 Space Biomes for Element and Ambergris Biomes


  • Removed Blue and Yellow Orbital Supply Drops
  • Removed ability for ranged weapons to damage OSD/Element Veins
  • Disabled Shadowmane dismount
  • Buffed OSD Quality and added additional Lootboxes Contains: Dino, Items, Blueprint and Ressources
  • After 3 minutes, the "hostiles" around OSD get marked for death with a bright beacon
  • Element Veins will only spawn as 25k or 50k


  • Added Terminal in Portal Zone

Scorched Earth

  • Added Generators resistance to Storm
  • Wyverns minimum spawns increased to 130 - 190
  • Global base temperature lowered by 50%

Structure Limit

  • Global Structure Limit 40000
  • Structure in Range Limit 8000
  • Metal Cliff Platforms now limited to 2 in range
  • Snap/Linked Structures Limit 3000

Auto Decay

  • Thatch 21 Hours
  • Wood 1 Day and 12 Hours
  • Stone 2 Days and 9 Hours
  • Metal 3 Days
  • Tek 3 Days 14 Hours
  • ORP (Offline Raid Protection) 3 Days

Disabled Engrams

  • All S+ Building Structures (e.g Foundations, Ceilings and Walls)
  • S+ TekForge
  • S+ TekChem
  • S+ Saddles
  • S+ AutoCrafter
  • S+ Starter Block
  • S+ Ceiling Repulser
  • S+ Cryo Fridge
  • S+ Propagator
  • S+ Turrets
  • S+ Bed
  • S+ Incubator
  • S+ BlueprintMaker
  • S+ Harvester
  • S+ Multilamp
  • S+ Taxidermy
  • S+ Tek Forcefield
  • S+ VesselPlus
  • S+ Striderinterface
  • S+ Cloning Chamber
  • S+ Teleporter
  • S+ Vault
  • S+ Generator
  • S+ Tek Generator
  • XL Walls
  • Cruisle Missle
  • Jar of pitch
  • Spray Painter
  • Canone Shoulder
  • Camera
  • Charge Lantern

Dino Abilities Overhaul

  • Added C Key ability for Parasaur to detect nearby enemy respawn points within a 30 foundation range (Sleeping Bags, Simple Beds, Bunk Beds & TEK Sleeping Pods)

  • Paracer can no longer be knocked back in Lunar Biome

  • Removed Recoil Damage Cap from Kentro

  • Added 20s cooldown timer to Snow Owl Ice Crash Attack upon successful hit

  • Megachelons can breed on land

  • Changed Achatina to instantly decompose when killed

  • Added "Slow Effect" to Maewing while having C4 attached, similiar to other flyers (Exclude Gensis 1 and Gensis 2)

  • Removed breeding from Carcharodontosaurus

  • Changed Woolly Rhino max Charge Damage Multi increased from x8 to x12.5

  • Remove Stegosaurus impale to players

  • Added Noglin Minigame to break free

  • Disabled the Voidwyrm dismount for all creatures with a drag weight higher than 450

  • Removed Tek Stryder dedicated storage link and added weight bonus to resources

Cryopods + Cryofridge

  • Craftable in Player Inventory
  • Cryofridge overhaul (Toggle snapping with G, Neuter/Spay all Dinos inside, Dino Icon displayed on top of Cryofridge)
  • Cryopod overhaul (Quick select wheel, auto equip next cryopod when thrown, shows Dino information inside Cryopod, Fast podding outside of PVP Cooldown)
  • Allow uncryo in Center underwater Bubbles

Bloody Utility Guns

  • Neuter Gun (RMB marks Dinos, LMB Neuters marked Dinos, MMB clears marked Dinos)
  • Levelup Gun (RMB selects a stat, LMB levels up selected stat)
  • Name Gun (RMB set name, LMB apply name)
  • PickUp Gun (shoot to pick up structures)

Bola Rework

  • Added "Cut to Escape" minigame to Bolas
  • Increased Bola weight from 0.5 to 1.0
  • 15 second Bola timer player only

Fast Travel

  • Allows you to teleport your friends and tames to another location without losing your items.

Corpse Finder

  • A simplified plugin to trace and recover bodies to your corpse.

Tribe Member Finder

  • Easily find your tribemates and your base!

Turret Fillter

  • Changes settings and fills any kind of turrets via chat commands.
  • Fill Turrets easily with ammunition in player inventory.
  • Default Range: 20 Foundations

Not Tameable

  • Titanosaur
  • Enforcer
  • Fjordhawk
  • Purlovia

Restricted to Genesis 1 and Genesis 2

  • Astrodelphis

Not Rideable in Extinction

  • Roll Rat

Limited Creatures per Map

  • 20 Ovis
  • 20 Aberrant Ovis
  • 2 Brontos
  • 2 R-Brontos
  • 2 Noglin
  • 1 Stryder

Enabled at wipe

  • Shop - Wipe Config Include farm dinos, dino tokens and kibble

1 hours delayed after wipe

  • Lightweight Starter Kit

5 hours delayed after wipe

  • Rebuild Kit (Starter Base)
  • Small Tribe Rates

12 hours delayed after wipe

Enable for Taming:

  • Crystal Wyvern
  • Maewing
  • Managarmr
  • Griffin

24 hours delayed after wipe

Enable for Taming:

  • Golem
  • Gasbag
  • Andrewsarchus
  • Paraceratherium
  • Carcharodontosaurus


  • Shop - 24h Config Include ressources, neutered dinos and starter base kit and free dino kits
  • Rebuild Kit - (Gamma Kit)
  • Genesis 2 Federation Suit enabled

48 hours delayed after wipe

Enable for Taming:

  • Desmodus
  • Megachelon
  • Stegosaurus
  • Extinction titan's
  • ShadowMane
  • Voidwyrm
  • Astrodelphis (Limited to Gen1 and Gen2 only)


  • Rebuild Kit - Beta and Alpha Kit enabled
  • 48h New Player Protection
  • Grapple Glitch
  • AutoCraft (Solo-Duo)
  • Vote Reward
  • Rebuild Kits
  • LootBoxes
  • Achievements
  • Points buyable in Webshop (
  • Full Ingame Shop include Free Kits (Starter Base, Starter Kit, Starter Dinos)

All purchases made 2 weeks before wipe announcement will be re-sent automatically

72 hours delayed after wipe

Enabled for taming:

  • Noglin
  • Stryder

7 days delayed after wipe

  • Hatchframe/Wall Racer
  • Plesio Hatchframe
  • Skiff Engram added to the F1 shop

14 days delayed after wipe

  • Tek Grenade Launcher Engram added to the F1 shop

Not netable dinos:

  • Stego
  • Trike
  • Quetzal
  • GasBag
  • Tapejara
  • Rockdrake
  • Stryder

Tamed Dino Buffs

  • Paraceratherium Resistance Increased To x1.25 and 4x more hp per point
  • Megachelon HP Scale 3.5x more hp per point
  • Velonasaur receives 2.25x more damage per point
  • Carbonemys receives 2x hp per level
  • Tapejera Resistance Increased To x2 and HP Scale 2x more hp per point
  • Spinosaurus Damage 2x and Resistance Increased To x1.5
  • Griffin Resistance Increased To x1.8
  • Basilosaurus Damage and Resistance Increased To x1.55
  • Mosasaurus Damage and Resistance Increased To x1.5
  • Rock Drake Damage and Resistance Increased To x1.5
  • Quetzal Resistance Increased To x1.5
  • Wooly Rhino Resistance Increased To x1.5
  • Bronto Resistance Increased To x1.5
  • Therizinosaur Damage Increased To x1.45
  • Megalodon Resistance Increased To x1.35
  • Reaper Damage and Resistance Increased To x1.3
  • GasBag Resistance Increased To x1.3
  • Deinonychus Resistance Increased To x1.3
  • Gallimimus increase speed 1.25x scaling and 2x resistance (Exclude Extinction)
  • Trike HP scaling x1.2
  • Velonasaur HP scaling x1.25
  • Basilosaurus HP scaling x1.3

Tamed Dino Nerf

  • Reduced Maewing resistance reduced by 40% (Exclude Gensis 1 and Genssis 2)
  • Reduced Voidwyrm resistance reduced by 30%
  • Reduced Dinopithecus resistance reduced by 30%
  • ShadowMane Max HP Level Points 15


  • Daily Restart every day at 11:00 (GMT)
  • Free Kits contains (Base, Starter, Tools, Taming, and Dino Kits) 48 hours after wipe
  • Kit Reset every Sunday after Bloody Weekend
  • Custom Skins
  • Achievement System
  • Trade System
  • Tribe Sync System (Synced Tribe Members and TribeLog across all maps)
  • Tributes transfer enabled
  • Custom Boss Events
  • Double Ring Air Drops include Silver Lootboxes
  • Genesis 2 Biome Event Notification