The official Ark rules applies on our Cluster!
Ark Official Rules

Any punishments given out can carry over to the next season if the end of the season is already approaching. Some rule breaks could possibly lead to a whole tribe punishment

1.0 - Community Rules

1.1 - No Insulting

Keep it civil. A bit of competitive showboating/taunting (aka "BMing") is fine, but don't descend into hurling abuse at one another.

1.2 - No Advertisements

1.3 - No Chat Spam

1.4 - No Cheating or Exploits

Cheating in any form is a bannable offense - included but not limited to: glitches, undermeshing, meshbiting, placing C4 through mesh, leaving the map, lag switching of any kind. This includes admins who abuse their access to console commands (or other server features) for reasons other than performing their support duties. Any unintended mechanics as a result from a plugin/mod that gives unfair advantages will result in punishment. Included in this is using exploits with friends to get to the top of our achievement lists.

1.5 No Insiding

Joining a tribe with the deliberate intent of sabotage, or sabotaging your own tribe when you leave to join another is considered a form of cheating. This includes stealing property, turning off turrets, disclosing pin codes or leaving containers unlocked.

NOTE: Recruiting an inexperienced player who gets your dinos killed or forgets to close a door is not considered to be insiding.

Everything belongs to the Tribe Owners! IF YOU MERGE, THE NEW OWNER GETS OWNERSHIP RIGHTS TO YOUR THINGS! In case you got insided we will setup a backup to recover most of the base/loot, keep in mind we will need proof before we can take any actions

1.6 Trading

Trade Scamming is not allowed (with plugin and without). If there is an agreement for exchanging items/dinos, assure you are recording in the event you are scammed. It is your responsibility to provide proof that you have been scammed. The offending player/tribe can expect a punishment up to a season ban Bossfight Trades: Not allowed to pvp same tribe for 30min

2.0 - Tribe Rules

2.1 - Tribe Name and Player name
Impersonating a staff member will lead to an immediate ban

You are not permitted to raid under an alias. You are not permitted to impersonate another tribe.

Your Tribe and Player name must not contain symbols/letters the game won’t recognize, and must not contain profanities. Tribe members must be be in the same Tribe on all Maps. Tribe name must be the same on all maps.

2.2 - Tribe Limit

The Tribe Limit is 6 Players. Exploiting the tribe limit is considered a form of cheating e.g. having a log-out room, cycling or hot-swapping members (also not allowed during a raid).

3.0 - Base Rules

3.1 - Base Limits

Each tribe can maintain unlimited amount of bases, but can only use 2 ORPs per map.

Only one Tribe may build in one Cave. Multiple Tribes are not allowed to share the same Cave. (The Center Underworld Cave is excluded from this rule.)

Unintended building areas that wildcard did not intend but messed up. Key features include but are not limited to: crawlspaces and mesh textures, inability to get inside without sleeping bag, knocking out, non gas dmg, zipline usage, unintended use of dinos or other foul play. An area may only be built in if it can be reached with the character only. A tame may be used to get to the spot, but not as a method to get in. No structures, dinos, tek suit, grappling hook or other tools/means may be used to get into a spot.

Building in these will result in instant base deletion at no compensation should it be deemed a banned area. Admins have the last word.

Bloody Ark defines a mesh base as a location which cannot normally be accessed OR a location that allows you to see or move into the mesh.

A Structure is considered "Meshed" when you are not able to damage it with C4 or Rockets. We reserve the right to remove any Structure(s) without warning that break this rule.

You are not allowed to place turrets that will shoot into or through the mesh.

3.2 - Banned Areas

All Maps: -Obelisks and fair range around them. -Wyvern trenches/caves

The only exception is in The Island Green Obelisk which may be built on.

Ragnarok: Lava Golem Cave Entrance

Center: Penguin Palace ratholes, Middle Lava river rathole

Genesis 1: Grapple Cave 50/50, 75/75 Bog Rathole, Mission Zones, HLN-A Teleport Locations, Magmasaur (Volcano) cave, Luna Cave beneath 'Little Light of Mine' Building is only allowed on top of Meteors and Asteroids + Caves (no building close to the world borders, including world border ceiling and the bottom one that tps you up when you get close) Open a ticket and ask a staff member if the spot is unclear.

Genesis 2: Mission Zones/Terminals +

  1. 263165 38865 -6577 -95.79 4.75
  2. -489664 386848 -6237 -178.74 -4.40
  3. -628737 393069 18508 149.45 -24.47

Crystal Isles: Underwater Blueprint Cave, Bee Cave

Fjordur: Magmasaur/ele cave, All Terminals (Beyla, Broodmother, Hati and Sköll, Dragon, SteinBjörn, Megapithecus), (no turrets anywhere close), Volcano Desmodus Cave (203465 290807 16187 6.44 -19.74),

Lost Island: Magmasaurs Lair

All building, including turrets are not allowed in banned areas and will get deleted on sight without warning. Players that build or place turrets in a banned area will receive a punish rank.

4.0 - PVP Rules

4.1 - Raiding

FOB doesn't have to be picked up after a raid is over.

Vault stacking is NOT allowed. (for example in choke points)

The Bloody Weekend begins every Friday at 8pm (CEST) and ends on Sunday at 8pm (CEST):

When a tribe member destroys a structure, the whole tribe gets a warning, after 5 warnings you get a strike and after 3 strikes the tribe loses raid protection, warnings are globally reset every 4 hours.

If you raid while in PVE mode you will lose it.

Popcorning in raids is punishable. Despawning your loot before the attacker gets inside your base will now result in a temporary ban for your tribe .This can also be applied to the following season. (This does not include moving loot to another base/in your upload) We will not provide any back up support anymore for popcorning, punishments will be increased!.

4.2 Wall-up strategy

Due to how claim range works in ARK, only some structures will actively “claim or interfere” with hostile structures. Walls aren't one of those. This has led to the rise of a new meta where you build a foundation far below/above a base and then freely build walls into other players bases, bypassing their defences. The usage of this strategy is against our rules, and will lead to punishment of equal degree to meshing or glitching.

Raiding with a raft is not included in this. It is allowed to do. However you cannot place a raft below someone's base and build up into the base. 'Dick raft' is allowed.

Standard siege strategy that builds towers close to make a ramp for a soaker will still be allowed at range, it is specifically the “cheesing” that will be punished.

4.3 - Open-world PVP

Placing Turrets in open pvp is only allowed if you're picking them up or turning them off afterwards.

Turrets are not allowed in any banned area. Not even temporary turrets.

The camping of spawn zones and/or tp zones is forbidden!

4.4 - Teaming & Snatching raids

No Alliances No Teaming You are not allowed to help a different tribe in any way during a raid. This rule does not apply to Open PVP.

In the case of a triangle scenario (Griefing a raid, counterraiding):

  • Should a third party attack a raiding group, the third party MUST place a FOB before interfering and must commit to the raid, should they succeed in driving the original attacker away. This means the third party group must finish the raid on the attacked tribe.
  • Sniping players in an active raid is not allowed if you don’t want to take over the raid. This means the 3rd party attacker needs to bring the tools to take over the raid (soakers etc.)
  • FOB to counter a raid needs to be more than battery turrets. (example: turret box with geni + 4 turrets) When you counter a raid, you NEED to make SCREENS! to proof at any time you had a fob before you started to attack them!

You cannot attack either side while a raid is happening unless you have the intention of taking the raid. YOU CANNOT ATTACK AND THEN LEAVE! Admins will have the final decision when raid snatching has issues.

If you’re not intent on stealing the raid or are legitimately defending, stay out of it.

4.5 - Imprisonment

You cannot hold another player hostage for longer than 30 minutes. The exception to this rule is during a raid, where the imprisoned player may be kept hostage for the whole raid. This rule only applies to the map the raid is happening on. Any raids on other maps are classed as separate raids. Imprisoned players must be released within 30 minutes of the raid being declared as over.

It will be the responsibility of whoever was imprisoned to provide evidence that they have been caged for longer than 30 minutes. The timer will start from the moment that the player is made unconscious. The best way to prove this will be with a message in game as this can be viewed via discord and confirmed.

The timer cannot be reset by going to the tribes base and beginning a raid. If there was no raid ongoing at the time of imprisonment then the player MUST be released after 30 minutes.

Caging people in forcefields where the character model is awake and hovering so they do not lose stam/food/water/hp are prohibited.

Removing handcuffs on yourself using an exploit will result in a temporary ban of 24h+.

4.6 - Dino and Weapon Exploits

ANY mechanical exploit that make weapons, tools or creatures behave in an unexpected way, WILL result in heavy punishment!
One of the examples we can give is snow owl interactions or wyvern speed glitch. We want to disable content as a last resort, so play fair and don't use exploits or glitches.

Placing structures on players during PVP is not allowed - this includes your own character!

4.7 - Protected Dinos

The use of structures on dinos (including skiff) to facilitate the bypassing of defenses or to enter turret range without the dino and player being shot is prohibited. The building of fully armored dinos (including skiff), even in open-world PVP, is prohibited. The only exceptions are: Hatchframe/Dick Racer Hatchframe Quetz Hatchframe Plesio Megachelons Player box only Farming Skiff (player protection box only)

NOTE: After 1 week (7 days) into a season Friday 20:00 (CEST) , hatch-frame racer builds will be allowed.

Additional Notes

  • Grabbing tames through the mesh with Karkinos or Tuso is not allowed
  • Mesh Biting is not allowed

4.8 - Rebuild Kits

If you were raided you can get back on your feet and into the fight more quickly via our Rebuild Kits! Reminder: Please keep evidence of your base through videos or screenshots. This speeds up the process and excludes miscommunication. If not, we have to base our decision on the logs, which don't always show all turrets and structures you had.

To Apply for the Rebuilt kit you believe you deserve use the following commands: /rebuild base /rebuild gamma /rebuild Beta /rebuild Alpha

Only tribe leaders can apply for a rebuild kit. Once done requests will be viewed by our admin team and the kits should be automatically sent to the players if we believe you are eligible for the kit you have applied for. Any attempt to abuse/trick the admin team into giving you a rebuild kit you are not deserving of will lead to a punishment.

5.0 - Protection Rules

5.1 - PvP-Protection

PVE - enables online protection and protects only structures in ORP-Range while the tribe is online.

ORP must be set in your base using the craft engram for PVE to be functional.

PvP-Protection on BloodyArk is STRUCTURES-ONLY and only works inside your own ORP range (an ORP has to be crafted and placed)! You and your tames are still subject to pvp.

To check the remain time type '/pve'. You can opt-out early with '/pvp', if you like.

5.2- PvP-Protection Restrictions

Abusing your PvP-Protection to grief other players is not permitted. Example of abuse include but is not limited to:

  • Trapping other players in PvP-Prot structure boxes.
    New Player Protection duration is 48h

5.3 - Offline Raid Protection

Rebuild-kit ORP duration is 24h


  • If YOU accidently remove it, it will NOT be replaced Punishments can carry over to the next season if they happen during the final days of wipe!