PVP System

PVP System

The only way for players to obtain PVE protection is from Rebuild Kits or New Player Protection.

New Player Protection is available for anyone starting 48 hours after wipe

Please note you must place down the ORP Structure for your PVE Protection to work

  • 48 hours New Player Protection (Active after 48 hours of wipe)
  • 24 hours Rebuild Kit Protection
  • New Player and Rebuild Kit Protection protects structures only inside ORP-Range
  • ORP has no buffs and used to define structure protection range

Protection Commands

/pvp - Remove your Online Protection
/pve - Check your remain Online Protection Time
/pvecheck - Check your target for Online Protection

Tribe Log Relay

Gives tribe owners the ability to have in-game tribe log events forwarded to a discord channel of their choosing.

/TLR [Discord Webhook] - Sets a discord webhook for the tribe. (only for Tribe Owner)
Example: /tlr https://discordapp.com/api/webhooks/315979965489115181/mu2vzlrztppeurhneyPu0XfytYlEVj781YV

Raid Warning

Each player can individually set how often a Raid Warning would be sent. Or if its sent.
/raidwarning [Mins] - Sets the raidwarning to [Mins] 0 = Off.

Season Alpha Applications

The Bloody Ark Season Alpha (SA) will be given to the most well-rounded tribe of the season. The second and third place rewards will be given to the respective runner-up tribes that apply. If no tribes apply or qualify for second or third place, no reward will be given for second or third place that season. Make sure you apply!


Your tribe must keep a full raid list updated throughout the season You may be asked to provide proof of your raid list - without recordings or screenshots, some of your raids may not be considered! You must maintain at least 1 base until the end of the season - picking up your base or being cluster-wiped will heavily impact our decision on your application

Other things we will look out for that can give you an advantage

All blueprints All useful dino lines Participation at admin events Player kills (all tribe members combined) Tamed dino kills (all tribe members combined) Tribe KDA (all tribe members combined) Tribe score leaderboard position each week Amount of bases built and maintained PvP highlight videos and base tour video

Your Alpha Application

During the last days of the season, an announcement will be made stating that Alpha Applications have opened. Once this announcement has been made, please make a well organized and structured ticket with the following information:

All tribe members Discord names, Steamid64 and in-game names Full raid list All current base locations Your main base location Your best blueprints Your best relevant dino lines (relevant meaning not farming/useless dinos) Any PvP highlight videos and base tour videos Any punishments / bans your tribe has received from the current season

Additional Information

  • Online raids will weigh far greater than offline raids
  • Punishments and bans will heavily affect our decision
  • The Tribe Score leaderboard will reset each Sunday at 20:00 CEST after the Bloody Weekend has ended.
  • For the first week of wipe, the Tribe Score leaderboard will be active 48 hours after wipe, and the first Bloody Weekend will not incur a leaderboard reset.
  • Merging Tribes to gain an unfair advantage will go against your tribe. (For example - Two strong tribes merging together can not combine their raid lists and gain an advantage)
  • You cannot change around members of your tribe at the end of a season so your friends can get the Alpha rank
  • Any attempts to exploit or cheat to obtain the Season Alpha reward will result in immediate disqualification and season bans for your whole tribe